At Coleccion Interiorismo, we faithfully believe that design of livable, beautiful and even luxurious spaces does not necessarily mean wasting resources of any kind. We highlight the work of designers, architects and interior designers that match this comprehensive view of the creative process.

For example, in Dublin an innovative installation shows the impact of oil consumption.

5CUBE was created by De SIUN Scullion Architects. It is a pavilion that physicallly represents the volume of oil consumed in Ireland every five minutes.

This initiative is part of the project For Energy, in order to promote other types of renewable energy in Europe.


The piece measures 4.2 square meters equivalent to 473 oil barrels, represented in turn by the black glass with which it is covered. The cube is enlarged or reduced to show the change in consumption. It is also easy to transport so that it can eventually tour other cities to promote environmental awareness.

Besides showing the amount of oil used, it has two sets of mirrors on each side. A set shows energy from renewable sources used in those five minutes (which is equivalent to 50 cm within the range). While the other shows the renewable energy that Ireland intends to use by 2020, which also represents very little compared to oil.

Visitors can peer inside the 5CUBE to see the effects created by mirrors. The most attractive is the infinite reflection of the sky, which means the many options available to the world for energy, such as wind and how small the amount of energy from oil could become. The facility has its own generator and a roof with solar panels that make it shine at night. What do you think?

To create environmental awareness through design, an interest at Coleccion Interiorismo